Frequently Asked Questions

The proactive chat features lets you welcome your visitors with a custom message and invite them to chat. Please follow these instructions to set up the feature.
In order to delete an operator, you first need to make sure that the operator isn't currently assigned to of your departments. Please edit your departments and un-assign the operator you wish to delete. Save these changes and go to 'Add Operators' page. You'll now now be able to delete the un-assigned operator.
Login to your Admin Dashboard
Click 'Live Chat' at the top
Click the 'Social' tab
Add your Twitter account
Enter your Facebook page URL
Save your changes
Login to your Admin Dashboard
Click 'Dept & Code' at the top
Click the 'Custom Images' link
Use the corresponding HTML codes listed (and the CSS styling if you need the chat widget hidden)
After adding the operator, we send automated contact requests (bots) to your IM. This is to make sure that you actually are the owner of the IM id. The bots also find your presence (online/offline) and IM status (available, busy or away) and change the live chat mode on your website accordingly.
Paid users can receive up to 5 simultaneous chats from their website. You can select this when adding an operator. You can also edit an operator to change this value.
Just before the closing body tag of your web pages code.
Yes, to transfer chat to another operator, send a message "/transfer agent-Nickname" in Gtalk or "\transfer agent-Nickname" in Skype during the current live chat session. The new operator takes over the current live chat without breaking the session.

Support Related

Ensure you are logged in to either your Agent Dashboard or GTalk
Also, try reloading your website to refresh your live chat status
Our system detects your status from 2 sources: the Agent Dashboard and GTalk. If you’re online on either of these, you will be tagged as online.
To get offline from the Agent Dashboard, just close the page To get offline from GTalk, just send “/offline” to the first bot, livechat1, and you’ll receive a system reply acknowledging your offline status
You can control the frequency of emails. By default you'll be set to receive live chat transcripts immediately and reports daily. You can change these settings from your dashboard: go to Preferences -> Email Notifications
Yes. ClickDesk works on all websites, even those that are built completely on flash or flex
To avoid overlapping of the chat window with your flash object, you need to add wmode="transparent" in your embed tags.
You can contact our sales and support team 24/5 via chat, email or phone.
Rarely does this occur. Check your SPAM folder, and if this doesn't work try clicking on the forgot password link. You can sign up with your Google or Yahoo email directly. If you still face problems getting your email verified, please write to and we can manually verify your email.